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Hi, I'm Michal Schonbrun

I am a reproductive health educator, consultant, and trainer. My background is in public health and women’s reproductive health. I specialize in fertility education, breastfeeding, contraception and achieving pregnancy, sexuality and holistic self-care. For 35 years, I have taught the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) of Fertility Awareness to nearly 3,000 clients, including hundreds of breastfeeding moms and clients coping with hormonal imbalances like PCO. I work with diverse clients, in English and Hebrew, leading workshops and offering private consultations from home and online, around the world.

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What is FAM?

The FERTILITY AWARENESS method is a life skill acquired through intimate acquaintance with one’s body and cycle. It is an educational process in which a person (and their partner) learn how to observe, record and interpret their signs of fertility. Every girl and woman can learn how her body works and know when she is fertile. This evidence-based method leans on 160 years of scientific and medical research.

Fequently asked questions

FAM (Sympto-Thermal Method), is one of nearly twenty different types of methods defined as “natural.” Not all natural methods are equal. FAM is an evidence-based system of fertility management that involves the daily observation of three primary fertility signs or biomarkers, in addition to secondary fertility signs. 

When charting these biomarkers, one can easily identify their fertile and infertile days. The ‘rhythm’ or “calendar” method is an unreliable method because it is based on a calculation that uses the length of previous menstrual cycles for the purpose of predicting current cycles and fertile days. 

Calculation methods (often found in fertility apps and devices) are not accurate enough to rely on because menstrual cycles do not behave with swiss-clock precision.  Ovulation and hormonal regularity can be affected by common occurrences  such as drinking alcohol, travel, illness, stress, poor sleep, medications and more. Statistically, the rhythm method is considered 75% effective while FAM can reach  95% efficacy when learned and used correctly.


Learn more about FAM and other fertility awareness-based methods.

Any person can learn to recognize and decipher their fertility signs.

To learn and implement it effectively, you will need:

  • 7-10 hours of learning (privately or in a group workshop)
  • A trial learning period of 2-3 natural cycles for tracking and charting your fertility signs
  • Commitment and motivation
  • Less than two minutes per day for observation and documentation.

After the initial learning period, when your personal patterns have been identified and your confidence has increased, there are shortcuts that allow for less daily charting and more days of sexual freedom. It makes a huge difference when the person teaching you is an experienced, qualified teacher, who can provide professional follow-up and support.

  • Anyone who desires a new, refreshing and intimate connection with her body, fertility, sexuality and health and who wants to learn how to trust her body’s innate wisdom and intelligence, once and for all.
  • Those who can not or do not want to use hormonal methods, intrauterine devices, or other artificial methods of contraception.
  • Anyone who is having  difficulty conceiving.
  • Niddah-observant women looking for alternatives  that don’t interfere with their way of life.
  • Those in special situations, e.g. transitioning from hormonal methods, irregular cycles, perimenopause, postpartum and breastfeeding, or trying to conceive using alternative medicine.
  • Couples who want to share mutual responsibility for managing their fertility needs.

To know whether FAM is right for you, it is worthwhile to examine your values​ and priorities, as well as your lifestyle, habits, and goals.

Those who prioritize convenience, availability, ease of use and spontaneity may be best suited for hormonal methods. Those who prioritize health, natural cycles, safety, and peace of mind may find FAM more appropriate. There is no black or white, right or wrong. It takes time, knowledge and mindful contemplation to make an informed choice that is right for you.

  • A completely natural, safe and effective method with no side effects.
  • Does not require medical intervention or suppressing one’s natural hormones.
  • FAM  can save a ton of time for couples who want to get pregnant  and/or significantly shorten the time to diagnosis if there is an underlying health/hormonal/fertility problem 
  • Increases awareness about the importance of the menstrual cycle and its connection to overall health, not just fertility and reproduction.
  • It gives users a powerful sense of control, peace of mind, and confidence.
  • As a tool for personal empowerment and fertility management, it allows women to trust themselves and their bodies
  • Encourages mutual responsibility and cooperation between couples and it can improve sexual communication 
  • Requires about 2 minutes a day during the learning period

Most medical schools don’t teach about fertility awareness-based methods  and most physicians confuse FAM with the ineffective ‘rhythm’ method.  

Some physicians believe that FAM is “primitive” and “low-tech” and  that women are not smart or trustworthy enough to learn it or use it with high efficacy.

FAM can free women from a dependency on hormonal medications and IUD’s.  FAM also frees people from a dependency on doctors. 

An unhealthy alliance exists between the health care system and the pharmaceutical companies. It is no coincidence that the methods which reap huge profit for big pharma companies are those that doctors recommend.  Natural methods do not serve the economic interests of pharmaceutical companies who work tirelessly to convince both health professionals and the lay public that hormonal drugs and IUD’s are the only worthwhile and effective options.

Anyone can learn the theory behind FAM from a book or a friend, but when it comes to actually applying it on your body, and tracking your individual fertility signs, the process can be challenging. 

While a minority of people are able to learn and implement the method on their own, reaching a strong level of self-confidence and effectiveness will be higher if learned with a certified instructor. Although there are excellent books and online resources about FAM, they are no substitute for professional guidance and individual follow-up. 

This is all the more relevant when taking into account the fact that many new learners are in hormonal transition (coming off the pill, post-partum and breastfeeding), or they have a history of irregular cycles, metabolic reproductive syndrome (polycystic ovaries) or underlying health and gynecological issues like endometriosis, sexual pain, and nutritional deficiencies. These situations often require treatment/intervention before learning FAM, but they are best managed when a certified instructor can walk you through the process and provide essential long-term follow-up. 

Anyone who experiences irregular cycles or bleeding  will want to verify a teacher’s certification and experience before making a commitment to work with them. 


Karen36, Jerusalem
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I attended Michal's FAM workshop a year and a half ago, with the aim of learning about my body and preventing pregnancy naturally. During the workshopת I was surprised to realize how little I knew about my menstrual cycle and fertility. As a girl from a traditional background, I was never taught how to prevent pregnancy, and any sign of sexuality was accompanied by shame and concealment. Even the boys I hung out with in my youth were not educated to prevent pregnancy and most of them were reluctant to wear a condom. Several times, I had to spend the last of my allowance to secretly buy the morning after pill, because I was too embarrassed to ask for advice. So much fear and stress could have been spared just knowing that most of the time, I am not even fertile! But this important detail, like many others, just slipped away from me. Today, at the age of 36, I know how to recognize my hormonal fluctuations even without filling the chart every day. I'm able to give a logical explanation for bodily experiences like menstrual pain, ovulation pain, and sudden mood swings, which could have drive me crazy in the past. In short, I believe that every girl and woman deserves to have this knowledge, the earlier on, the better.
29, Tel Aviv
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Learning with you and from you was so much more than just learning a method. It was a turning point in my relationship with my body, femininity and power as a woman. This journey began with a phone call that gave me the courage to go off the pill, learn about my cycle and fertility and get pregnant easily. Knowing and trusting my body led me to choose a natural birth, without any outside intervention. I truly believe that forging this connection with my body gave me the power and wisdom I needed to bring a new life into the world. The experience has been so empowering. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

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Looking for a special and memorable gift for someone you truly love? Whether she’s a teenage girl or a grown woman, in a relationship or single, with or without children, the workshop will give her a real-life tool that will help her get to know her body, connect with her femininity, and know when she is fertile. You can choose between a group workshop with other women, or an individual session, with or without a partner.


Fertility Awareness Charts are the core of FAM practice. They were designed to help you track primary and secondary fertility signs and identify patterns in your cycle. The charts are available in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel format.

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The following photos and videos illustrate the changes in secretions at different stages of the cycle. Each of us has her own secretion language, which can be learned in a FAM workshop.

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